Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Listen close I won't say this again"

You know what? I'm settin a goal. I'm not going to say sorry as much anymore. I always say it, and 95% of the time, I'm saying it because I think I'm in someone's way, or that I'm annoying them, or because I'm just trying to make sure the other person knows whatever klutzy move I make isn't intentional. Heck, I even say it to inanimate objects for no reason!!!! In fact, I'm beginning to annoy myself just talking about this. So, that's it. Unless I full on ram into someone, or do something completely and utterly rude (which I try to never ever do), or actually do something that needs an "I'm sorry", than I won't say it! No more being so concerned with offending the whole world that I end up sounding like an idiot & being constantly nervous and on my guard. I'm done with that, and I need to stop being so afraid of what everyone else thinks!! You know what? Screw them! If people don't like me because I'm a klutz, or because of this or that, then fine! I wasn't made to please them anyways. I was made to serve one, not be scared of many not liking me.

(Originally written on January, 13th 2013)