Monday, December 20, 2010

You should read this :)

So, I'm gonna abandon this blogspot thing. If you wanna read a blog by me, then go to . I'm not deleting this account, but honestly, I'm never on here, and I'm kinda diggin tumblr more.
So remember:

Peace and Love,
Samiiiii <3

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Some boys will become men, just don't kiss them 'til then"

:) "Song For Tricia (Princes and Frongs)" By: Superchic[K]. :) Enjoy.


<3 Sami :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't you know who you are?

I love this song. Enjoy. :)

Sami <3

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Whole Earth Shakes

So since I tried to post this song on this blog thing: and failed, I'll just post it here. :)

I woke up with this song stuck in my head, after also having a fairly strange dream (not strange necessarily, but it was not usually what i dream of).

Enjoy!! :D

<3 Sami.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All you have to do is.....try. :)

I have too much to say for this blog. It couldn't, in any way, possibly contain the excitement I'm feeling right now. I'm feeling strong, confident, successful, accomplished, and very very very very very blessed. You see, a few weeks ago, I started to get a cold. And being a singer and all, that pretty much sucks. So, since I had been preparing for the Variety Show auditions (which were in like a week from when I got sick) for over a month beforehand, I was completely bummed out about this whole situation. I had decided that if my voice went out, that maybe it was God's way of letting me know that I need to re-direct the focus to him. So, I put on a smile, and faked that it was alright.

But heres the good part:
A day before the auditions, my voice started returning to normal, but I was still coughing and stuff, making it impossible to practice without me messing up the song. So, I went to school the next day feeling.....conflicted. I knew I wanted to audition more than anything else (due to the fact that I chickened out last year, and quickly walked out crying because of my fear of never being good enough). And God knows that too. But I wasn't sure if that is what God wanted me to do. I was still unsure of if I would be able to sing the somewhat high notes, but I knew that if I just tried, than it would be more than I did last year. So, I faced my fear dead on, and after about 3 hours of intensly practicing before the auditions, I did it. I went there, and did it. And you know what? It felt amazing. And the best part was that people that I never thought would ever say I had an good voice, or would ever compliment me on something like this, well, I'm pretty sure that I blew them away because they all complimented me on my performance afterwards. :)

Not only was I able to prove myself to everyone else, but I proved something to myself. I CAN do it. And I learned from all this that all you have to do, is TRY. :)
I hope this blog entry inspired someone to get out there and face their fears head on.

NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP. And I mean that. You never know what you can do unless you try.

And I honestly believe that God allowed my voice to heal just in time for this because He loves me. And He knows the desires of our hearts. He cares about what you care about. And this just proves that He is continually faithful.

In case any of you are wondering, the song I sang was "Believe In Me" by Demi Lovato. She is honestly an inspiration to me. And I'd like to pass that inspiration on to whoever reads this, along with everyone else.

Sami. :)

Ps- The sun is shining, it's warm outside, and God is amazing in so many ways. This might be the best spring so far. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Way You Move Ain't Fair, You Know

So, I've been thinking. Maybe my "reinvention" is more of a redemption. Or at least more of me getting back to the heart of worship. Which is all I want.

Anyways, I wanted to share a song with you that I like a LOT!!! :D

That's all for now.
<3 Sami :)

Monday, March 8, 2010


So, for the few that actually read this blog (if any), I've changed the look of it. You see, I've recently been renewed in Christ, so along with that, I wanted to change the template on this as a way of saying that the past is behind me now. I know, I know, this really isn't that big of a deal. But, It's kind of how I do things. Something in my life changes, and I end up changing the backgrounds on here, and on both of my twitters. It's like a reinvention. I'm making sure that those backgrounds sort of represent who I am. It's my own personal way of being unique. And I know I'm already a unique person in my own ways, but this is just another way to stand out. Well, sort of. It's like the song that I've recently been addicted to by Britt Nicole ("The Lost Get Found"):

"Don't let the lights go down
Don't let the fire burn out
Cause somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe
Why dont you rise up now?
Don't be afraid to stand out
That's how the lost get found
The lost get found"

Ok. So I know that that song has been out for a while now, but I recently re-discovered it, and it's filled with so much truth. I pretty much love it.

So, that is what this blog entry is all about. Reinvention. And it's not just the name of the new Superchick album that comes out in May. ;)
It's my personal way of saying I'm not going to give into the world anymore. Of course everyone slips and falls every once and a while, but I'm not going to be believing lies anymore. It's time to get back to God. No more time to waste.

Well, if you read this, thanks. If you didn't, then you should, and you should feel guilty about it. JUST KIDDING!!!!!! :D It's cool if you didn't read it. Either way, I have to go now. Until next time. :)

<3 Sami

PS- AWESOME new song by Meredith Andrews "Never Move On":

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super Short Blog :)

So, usually, I have super long blogs, but today I just decided to do this:

or if that link doesn't work:

Well, that's pretty much it. That is my blog for today. Enjoy. :D

Sami <3