Sunday, October 25, 2009

nervous butterflies or the flu?

So, lately I've been feeling this wierd feeling in my stomach. And at times, it hurts really bad. It feels like it's cramping, yet at the same time I like it. I don't think its the flu. I mean, it only happens when i think of one thing, or, um, person. It has got to be butterflies. And what sucks is that I can't get rid of them. It happens whenever I think of him. I get that feeling, and then I feel giddy, and I end up not wanting to eat very much. I think I may just be love sick. Head over heels, uncontrolably love sick. And whats weird is that I like it.... :D
He honestly inspires me to write not only songs, but also poems. And when one thing happens with him and I (like when he talks to me for maybe 2 minutes tops), I just can't stop writing. The words flow out of me so fast, and I love it. He is the first guy who has ever inspired me to write this much. I'm thinking God allowed us to meet for a reason, and this might just work out to be ok. But, I need to pray about it. I'm not going to work myself up for something that will just let me down in the end.
"I get this feeling that if I fell in love with you, you wouldn't know what to do...."
Well, that's all for now.
<3 Sami

"You give me love, love, love, love, crazy love"- Crazy Love by Michael Buble