Monday, July 29, 2013

"Tell me what kind of God would choose to save, the bruised, the broken, the sinners, the runaways"

I am forever changing the writing theme of this blog. Honestly.

But today this blog isn't about complaining, or inspiring, or re-directing to another page, or what have you.

It's about thankfulness. It's about being so blessed with friends who care, and support and surround you with love, even in the middle of a mess.

It's about finding that even though you are anxious and nervous because you know in less than 24 hours you'll have spilled your darkest secret to your mother, and all you want is to run, but you know you must fight, there are those around you willing to encourage and support you, flight or flight mode, or not.

It's the overwhelming kindness from others that you have taken for granted due to the blinding haze and darkness. It's the pain those around you must witness and experience a bit themselves, as they watch you begin to rise and fall over and over again.

It's about the dedication, the friendship, the prayers, the much needed to be said words (even the hard ones), the late night phone calls, the love. This blog is about true, unconditional love.

Not only from friends, but from the Father as well.

How He could love me even though I break His heart on a regular basis is beyond me.
How He could find things in a midst my mess that will bring Him glory.

I one but Him could find broken, jagged, sharp, earthly minded definition of un-fixable, dirty, horrid pieces, and find them salvageable enough to piece together a picture that reflects His beauty within us.

On my own, I fail every time at patching together my heart. But when I trust Him, and allow Him full control, He does something unexplainable and takes that which seems forever shattered, and does more than just duck tapes the pieces together. He puts everything together seamlessly. And the only reason this works is because He is the glue. And His bond is unbreakable.

Unbreakable bonds and unconditional love.

No words will ever be enough to fully explain Him, this, his healing, etc. He is literally indescribable.

At the moment that is what I'm most thankful for.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Listen close I won't say this again"

You know what? I'm settin a goal. I'm not going to say sorry as much anymore. I always say it, and 95% of the time, I'm saying it because I think I'm in someone's way, or that I'm annoying them, or because I'm just trying to make sure the other person knows whatever klutzy move I make isn't intentional. Heck, I even say it to inanimate objects for no reason!!!! In fact, I'm beginning to annoy myself just talking about this. So, that's it. Unless I full on ram into someone, or do something completely and utterly rude (which I try to never ever do), or actually do something that needs an "I'm sorry", than I won't say it! No more being so concerned with offending the whole world that I end up sounding like an idiot & being constantly nervous and on my guard. I'm done with that, and I need to stop being so afraid of what everyone else thinks!! You know what? Screw them! If people don't like me because I'm a klutz, or because of this or that, then fine! I wasn't made to please them anyways. I was made to serve one, not be scared of many not liking me.

(Originally written on January, 13th 2013)

It's like reading a page from my diary.......sort of.

Oh hey! So, I have a wordpress blog too. :)

This one blog, and that one is more like my diary. Mainly because not that many know about it. So, enjoy!! :)